Kevin Deery – Artist

About Me

    Kevin Deery is a Sculptor and Photographer based in the South West of the UK, originally born in Liverpool. He moved to Plymouth in 1980 to study Photography at Plymouth College of Art. During his time at the college, Kevin took up an interest in direct stone carving and has since had a number of solo and joint exhibitions throughout Devon and Cornwall as well as a number of private and public commissions.



    His sculpture, both figurative and abstract, worked in various types of stone represents both the human form and a distillation of the human form within seascapes and landscape. It is a reflection of the sensual combination of the natural elements and how the figure is placed within those elements.

“To create such beautiful, supple, seemingly flexible, technically challenging pieces is amazing. What makes me marvel even more is Kevin’s ability to infuse tenderness, deep meaning and thoughtfulness into his work. The sign of a great artist: that they bring their works to life….” -David Neasham
“Beautiful, sensual, gratifying - the essence of great sculpture!” -Yvette Lodge



    His photography ranges from stark minimalist landscapes to beautiful, cloud-swept seascapes. From the urban to the human. All of which engage the viewer into both the finitude of humanity and at the same time the humility of what it is to be human within those landscapes, seascapes and the urban environment.

“Just bowled over by your photography. Each shot is a world until itself, a lifetime, a dream.” -Tom Daley, Poet


Recent commissions

2000 - Public commission 'Advent’ at Ballard House, Bond Pearce Solicitors.
2006 - Public commission 'Sound’ in Kilkenny Limestone, Mount Edgecumbe Estate
2008 - Private commission 'Female figure’ in Portland stone, George Wallace.
2010 - Private commission 'When Sarah was ninety’ in Bath stone, Nigel Thayer.
2011 - Private commission ‘Annunciation’ in Portland stone, Nigel Thayer.
2014 - Private commission ‘Male figure’ in Bath stone, Andrew Beaumont.
2015 - Private commission ‘Abstract form’ in Portland stone, Andrew Beaumont.
2015 - Private commission ‘Figure with folded arm’ in Bath stone, Montgomery Llewellyn.